Genuine engagement requires real-time involvement, with the spoken or written word augmenting the on-line clicks. It is straightforward to engage, if not always easy … and it requires specific strategies and skills. We have been engaging live with prospects and customers for 25+ years and your communicators will benefit from our experience and guidance.

Your reps need research skills to prepare appropriately, powerful compelling openings with a 100% true “reason for my call,” the ability to conduct conversations not interrogations or pitches, present not narrate, and secure a positive next step. That’s what they get from BtoBEngage.

One research report claims 93% of all e-mail on our planet is SPAM. And yet business prospects and customers will read relevant, timely e-mail if it is well-written and makes a compelling case. That is why marketing and sales reps have to know and apply “best practices” for writing business e-mail. Let us help them do it right!

Social media interaction:
Business may be social and social can be business, and marketers and sales reps need to know when and how to apply each to the other. We don’t spend much time on which social media to use for your business … you already know your choices. We do invest time with your crew to help them deliberately and wisely determine when and how to engage via the social media in combination with your other communication channels.

In-person sales meetings:
Live, in-person selling remains vibrant and viable … and yet different from even a few years ago. Nowadays, the best sales meetings happen when prospects and customer views them as valuable events, not merely drop-ins. Because we often sell in-person ourselves, what we have learned can help your field reps plan and conduct live visits with a greater likelihood of a “yes!”

BtoBEngage Training will :

  • Enable your communicators to favorably differentiate your communications tactics and techniques from generic BtoB marketing/sales and from your competitors. In both traditional and new media, your intended contacts may see and hear only a blur … even when your products and services are exactly right for them. You face a double challenge when your younger, less-experienced reps have to market and sell to more “seasoned” prospects and customers, whose media choices and buying behaviors likely are different from their own. Let us enable your crew to become top-flight multi-media speakers and writers, so they can approach, influence, advance better, and sell more.

Clear the obstacles to engagement: gatekeepers, phone mail, and e-mail clutter. To engage, we have to reach our intended contacts. And deal effectively with call screeners without intimidating or feeling intimidated. And know what to say and propose in phone mail messages … and when not to leave phone mail messages at all. Your reps also must be able to write honest, compelling e-mail subject lines that clear filters and get read … and e-mail body copy that motivates a positive response and next step forward. We are very good at those things and will help your marketers and sales people get very good also.

  • Conduct more substantive, higher value conversations at multi-levels including senior management. Phone or field, there often is an uncomfortable mismatch between marketing and sales reps and the people whom they must influence. Example: your bright but inexperienced 20-something rep has to approach, engage, influence, and sell to the 50-something small business owner or corporate executive. Let us train your reps about “a day in the life” of your real prospects and customers, and how to communicate effectively with them, become credible with them, talk business with confidence, and make more good things happen.

Present and promote your product or service professionally, without feature-dumps, hype, or fear. In medicine, they “diagnose, THEN prescribe.” In sales, we advise and train to “Ask before telling and learn before selling.” So when it is time to present and promote, your sales people will be able to sell into what the diagnosis revealed. No more trying to narrate the prospect into submission. No more over-reliance on a stand-alone web demo. Rather, a professional, custom sales call … phone or field … with a much greater likelihood of success!

Make a powerful, compelling case for an in-person meeting or the actual sale. Nowadays, BtoB buying processes invove more people, take longer, and can be quite frustrating. But your marketers and sales people still must keep the process moving forward. So they need the strategies and skills to identify when and how to ask for the next-step commitment or the sale itself. That is, closing becomes part of the process, not a separate phase or activity. Custom training and practice will help your sales team get good at this.

Clear resistance and objections ethically and honestly. Dispel the old notions of “overcoming” objections … or “rebuttals” (ugh) … or “comebacks.” In the BtoB world where your prospects and customers likely know all the competitive offerings and prices, such sales behaviors cost you money and your reputation also. How a sales person responds to objections … their attitude, verbiage, sequence of responses … is a sure indicator of his or her professionalism. Need more sales professionalism? Here we are! 

Ask for and WIN the go-forward commitment or make the sale! Lest you think that “Ask Before Telling and Learn Before Selling” is for wimps, you will find our strategies and approaches for closing much more affirmative and powerful than that. Indeed, we and our clients have little patience for reps who are reluctant to close. Marketers have to be able and willing to secure the next go-forward step. Sales people have to get the business. Let’s help them do those things and let’s all get wealthy!

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