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Help you build, ramp-up, and supercharge your in-house team of business communicators

Since 1986, we have advised hundreds of companies about inside and field sales … organization, process, and positioning … and enhanced their communication performance via training and coaching. Now, of course, business communicators must excel at engagement across the full spectrum of media: phone, e-mail, social, and often live in-person as well. Thus BtoBEngage You get independent, unbiased guidance and custom training and reinforcement across the spectrum.

Fine-tune your inside sales and marketing operations

Clients often find it valuable to bring in experienced, independent eyes and ears to evaluate their in-house sales and marketing operations and/or out-sourcers’ performance. We help them avoid the money-pits and implement profitable best practices. Plus, we identify real and perceived obstacles to efficiency, effectiveness, and results. Then we resolve them!

Craft distinctive, professional outbound call openings, content, and e-mail messages

Your prospects and customers all have been on the receiving end of bad phone and bad e-mail. That is why despite your best intentions, your reps run into call resistance, people who hide behind voice mail, and occasional yawns even when they do reach contacts. Let us craft powerful, true verbiage … spoken and written … for your people, and enable them to approach contacts professionally and distinctively for more viable leads and more sales.

Apply the best combination of lead nurturing media and formats, with or without marketing automation

A wise and timely combination almost always outperforms any one medium or format on its own. Automated drip marketing, e-mail, CRM, social CRM, and such, can be valuable components of your lead nurturing strategy. But for considered decisions, BtoB prospects need human attention to become customers. Indeed, only people can create relationships. Count on us for independent, unbiased guidance around lead nurturing hype and money-pits and toward profitable best practices.

Rate the leads and convert actionable leads into genuine sales opportunities

Lose “qualified” and “unqualified” because sales leads are seldom one or the other … they are in between and vary by circumstances and time. Lose “hot,” “medium,” and “cool” because no one really believes those adjectives. Instead, let us mediate an agreement between your marketing and sales groups on what makes a viable lead, the criteria for rating the leads, and the “release point” to pass a lead from marketing to sales. A big software outfit implemented our guidance and sales rose 31% in the next quarter.

Wisely deploy and optimize selling resources to the right opportunities at the right times

Your sales resources’ time and your prospects’ and customers’ attention are precious and limited, so it is crucial that your sales team and sales partners act quickly and effectively when genuine opportunities arise. Fortunately, the old “my territory” ethic is giving way to a more progressive approach: carefully assessing when, under which circumstances, how often, and in which media to actually do the selling ... phone, field, and channels. We have developed a good model for helping you choose wisely, and we will customize it expressly for you and your business!

Recommend the best for-hire resources to conduct inside sales/marketing for you

You shouldn’t have to spend a ton of effort or time or money finding the right outsourced BtoB call service bureau for marketing and/or sales. But you should invest in a resource who knows who’s good and who’s not … BtoBEngage. Full disclosure: we are not “partners” with any equipment or software manufacturers, CRM or marketing automation / RPM firms, or outsourced call centers. We have advised and trained several of the latter.


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