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  • Approach

    Reach prospects and customers by phone, e-mail, 1-1 social media interaction, and in-person meetings and earn the right to communicate interactively in real-time.

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  • Influence

    Gain and keep contacts’ attention and interest, via distinctive messaging, business-first dialogue, and the right mix of marketing / selling communication styles.

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  • Advance

    Qualify and rate sales leads and opportunities (marketing and sales agree) and ethically convince prospects and customers to take to the next forward steps.

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  • Sell

    Make a powerful and compelling case and thereby motivate prospects and customers to buy your product or service. Call them to action!

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Hello! I am Michael A. Brown, in Austin, Texas USA. Since 1986, my colleagues and I have helped BtoB companies find, land, and keep customers.

Via consulting and training, we improve your marketing and sales teams’ ability to approach, influence, advance, and sell.

Tip of the Week

Stand-alone phone is yesterday's news. In lead generation, development, and conversion, reps must master the spoken word, the written word (e-mail) and social media interaction.

What Clients Say ...

"We had high expectations for the services that Michael Brown and his company could provide, and they actually exceeded our expectations.  Michael's service was highly professional from first phone contact all the way through delivering his services and following up with our team to ensure maximum value was obtained."

Randy Byrne - VP - Marketing Malvern Instruments

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BtoBEngage goes ‘round the world! 2013 assessments + training at 7 int’l call centers.

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